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Yoga Basics for Beginners
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Yoga Basics for Beginners

Curious about yoga or just in the beginning stages of your yoga journey? I designed this workshop is designed with you in mind.

Throughout my teaching career I have been sought out by many would be students who were intimidated by the practice of yoga but were hungry to give it a go as well as those in the beginning stages of their practice who desired a deeper understanding and little more guidance in the art of yoga.

Yoga Basics for Beginners is designed to help you build confidence in your yoga practice by providing important fundamentals to ensure you get off to great start in your yoga journey.

Additionally, you will learn and explore proper breathing techniques that will help you move with your body. You will learn about the benefits of yoga as you experience it through this beautiful and gentle practice.

This is a very hands on workshop providing thorough guidance, ample adjustments (hands on or verbal cue per student preference), and modifications as needed for the success of each student.

This experience will provide you with a firm foundation upon which to build or continue to build your yoga practice.

After your sweet, sweet Savasana please join in community and indulge in a complementary smoothie at one of our AMAZING local smoothie joints!

This workshop is suitable for All levels.

This workshop is taking place in Ocean Beach, California. This is a private workshop. (Limited tickets available). Further details will be provided upon ticket purchase. This information is provided via email as the locations for our events are often private so be sure to enter your email upon checkout. (This is a non-refundable workshop).


Yoga Basics for Beginners
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