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Just Breathe - Fundamentals of Breathwork

Come gather around the fire for an evening of relaxation and unwinding as I guide you, delving into the beauty and practice of Breathwork.

Breathing involves our whole body and it is through our bodies intelligence that we do this with organic ease, it is our Life Force. But what happens when seen or unforeseen stress is thrown into the mix of daily life? For many, the organic function of breathing becomes short and shallow even holding the breath becomes an unconscious option as a coping skill, creating fatigue, irritability, often holding us in a chronic state of “fight or flight”.

But what if I told you that it is possible through the practice of breathwork and awareness to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and fatigue, assist in releasing toxins from the body, elevate mood and bring a sense of calm to the mind and body? These are just a few of the many amazing effects that the practice of breathwork and awareness have been known produce.

In this workshop I will teach about the benefits of breathwork and awareness as I guide you in using simple but highly effective breathing techniques that have been known to create a sense of calm, peace and clarity, which will allow you to make conscious, intentional decisions out of awareness rather then reactive emotion.

At the close of this workshop I will end the practice with a simple guided meditation where you will practice utilizing your newly discovered breathing techniques.

Please join afterward in community as we indulge in creating delicious S’mores! (All ingredients to make these scrumptious treats will be provided for you.)

This is an All levels workshop with appropriate and effective modifications as needed.

This is a private workshop and will be taking place in the Sunset Cliffs/Ocean Beach, California area. (Tickets are limited.) Further details will be provided upon ticket purchase. This information is provided via email as the locations for my events are often private so be sure to enter your email upon checkout. This is a non-refundable workshop.

This workshop is Highly recommended if you plan to attend the Meditation 101 or Yoga Basics for Beginners.

(By participating in Just Breathe - Fundamentals of Breathwork, you will receive a 20% off code for each of the following workshops; Meditation 101 and Yoga Basics for Beginners).


Just Breathe - Fundamentals of Breathwork
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