“I had long wanted to try yoga but lacked confidence to even try. I was introduced to Alexandria and at her encouragement I gave one of her workshops a try. WOW! The experience with her has changed my life and set me on a path of self discovery I would have never imagined for my self. Thank you!
— Monica J.
“I always struggled with breathing in yoga class. After one workshop with Alexandria my struggles were resolve and my yoga practice was forever transformed. She is a master!”
— Jodi K.
“I participated in one of Alexandria’s Breath to Body movement events and continue to participate any chance I get. There are no words. It was AMAZING! The love and support I found in this community was REAL, so refreshing.”
— Kim Q.
“I think one of the things I really appreciated at the event I attended is that you were given tools that you could easily apply in a home practice that I have found to be very effective. I have attend several of her other workshops and highly recommend them. This is the real deal!”
— Eric P.